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Aloha, la Zola!


It's about time I restart the tradition to keep a blog for a while, then abandon it again.

It's been quite a while. The postgrad examination has been done, and I've got quite a decent grade. In fact, everything's swell! However, I am quite behind my ray marching practises now. And this is the reason why I am picking up the blog again! With the blog in my hand, I have enough momentum to push myself to learn stuffs that I want to learn, but am too lazy to do so. It's great!

Though, there's still this grad design thing occupying me at this moment. Well, I will get back once I finish that, mark my words!

It's also about time I change to a better blogging tool, too! Jekyll always feels kinda clumsy for me. And as I (kinda) want to dive deep in Rust, why not use a blogging tool written in Rust? Zola (whose former name is Gutenburg) suits me perfectly in this aspect. So off I go! Old blog is archived here.

Well, that's it for the updates. Thank you for your attention, kind strangers from the Internet. Guess I'll see ya!